After studying four different existing funerary methods, I saw the most potential in Resomation. Resomation, often called water cremation, is a method of decomposing body with high-temperature water and chemicals. The remaining liquid from the soft tissue is a non-toxic solution, comprised of peptides, soap, sugar, and amino acid. Resomation process can be summarized to five consecutive steps: (1) body is loaded onto the resomation capsule and gets weighed to calculate the appropriate amount of water and alkali, (2) correct amount of water and alkali is added to the capsule, (3) the capsule gets heated to 150 degrees by passing hot gas through the internal tube, (4) after approximately 2 hours, the resomation capsule gets cooled by passing cold water through the internal tube, (5) the capsule gets drained and the crushed soft bone cremains is dried and put into an urn. This process of resomation suggests the possibility to hybridize public programs to attract and naturally allow learning to occur. 

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