4.01: Terrain Room. A space encouraging interaction and agency through light and rain events, while remaining functional as a transfer space.

          Lightrays created by sunlight, transferred through solar tubes to the depths of the terrain room, create light events at certain times of the day, altering the dark interior depending on exterior weather events. The fog within the space captures this light and creates warm and welcoming spaces within an otherwise cold and sterile environment.

4.02: Tunnel entrance into the terrain room, circulation throughout until termination at the subway platform.

4.03: Terrain Room. A lightray captures the attention of a young couple, some noticing their interactions while others continue on the paths to their destinations. 

          While the space appears at first unusable and uncomfortable it offers all the normal features of a transportation transfer space, only in a fundamentally different physical manifestation. Some visitors take advantage of the unique surroundings, finding places to sit or perhaps tripping over strange objects, while others follow the normalized paths to their intended destinations. 

4.04: Unpredictable, moving rain events change circulation patterns while water streams cut off direct paths.

          Random rain events take place throughout the terrain room, restricting commuters from always choosing the same path through the space and thereby breaking repetitive movement patterns. 

4.05 A walk-through of the terrain space shows its bumpy terrain, areas sittable and abnormal form.