The aperture full of exotic plants welcomes pedestrians in. 

The outcome of resomation process; nutritious water consists of amino acid, salt, sugar, and peptide is used to nurture vegetations in the garden. As the water gets delivered to the garden, its heat expands a large inflatable field where people can walk over and feel the warmth. Water gets filtered through the plants and released back to the Han River.

Hybridization of funerary  architecture and public space that

trigger human senses and provoke natural responses to death.

The oddly shaped, non-enclosed rooms for farewell ceremonies create opportunities for the public to glimpse private ritual. The rooms release olfactory triggers that take mourners to a particular moment or place that they share a special memory with the deceased. After the ceremony, the body is taken down to the resomation machine located at the bottom of the structure. 

The chimneys puff out non-toxic hot air

all-day and stimulate passerby’s curiosity 

This area is where bodies are prepared for farewell ceremony. They are washed for the last time by their loved ones in the bath house. When hot air from resomation process meets cold air from outside, it triggers louvers to move and create ever changing beautiful light patterns. The curved exterior facade is used to capture stories of the deceased.