PROBE is an exhibition featuring the undergraduate thesis work of the Jackson Studio. The projects each have a unique focus, but all are united in their ambition to re-frame the physical world as a place of augmented experience, in accord with aspects of contemporary culture that the architectural discipline has so far failed to adequately address. Each thesis is therefore framed as a challenge to existing practices, and an argument for and demonstration of a new approach to architecture.



The studio's general interest in architecture's nature as an immersive, augmented reality is reflected in the design of the exhibition itself: the content of each thesis project is presented as a series of interactive layers, and the physical infrastructure of the show provides the interface for exploring and interacting with these various layers of content.



  1. Trent Fredrickson
  2. Nick Funaro
  3. Thomas Fagan
  4. Kate Hajash
  5. Renee Jain
  6. Evan Collins
  7. Olivia Calalo
  8. Andrew Wright
  9. Donna Mena
  10. Justin Skoda
  11. Noah Goldsmith
  12. Aldo Buitrago
  13. Justin Cua
  14. Karen Shiue
  15. Kathlyn Kao
  16. Melissa Peter
  17. Linsey Wood
  18. Sarah Brown
  19. Grace Choy



OK, here's how to play:
The projected content (A) features multi-touch interactivity, just like your smartphone. Generally, you should hover just above the content to move it, tap to select it, and pull your hand sharply away to deselect. A small indicator circle will appear as a cursor when your hand is close enough to make a selection, and will disappear upon deselection. Try moving these palettes around and opening and closing them to get a feel for it. Meanwhile, the table device (B) features an augmented reality software that reveals extra content in the projection (A) and models [C]. Try pointing at the logo (D) and see what happens!



Looks great guys!

5:22pm - San Luis Obispo, CA

Awesome, great work Jackson Studio

6:48pm - New York, NY

kathy i can see you! this show looks so cool, wish i could be there to see it

7:01pm - Copenhagen, DK